Francois Cross Canada Adventure 2005 : F.a.q.

April 12, 2005 at 08:44PM
From: francois

Frequently Asked Questions:
These are questions that I get asked frequently by friends and family.

Q: When are you starting your cross canada cycling adventure?
A: Sometime during the last week of May 2005

Q: Why are you doing this?
A: I think its a great way to see the country and I enjoy a challenge.

Q: Isn't it dangerous to do this alone?
A: I think the issues of touring alone are very well described at the following URL: http://www.biketouring101.com/SoloVersusGroup.htm

Q: How many KM per day will you be cycling?
A: I'm aiming for an average of 150 KM per day. I'm going to start with approx 100 KM per day at the beginning of my trip and slowly increase the daily distance as long as my body doesn't complain too much.

Q: How did you train for this?
A: I've been cycling regularly for 3 years now. Most of my riding is commuting to/from work with the addition of longer rides as time permits. Lately I've been ramping up my cycling volume approx 20% per week and will continue to do so until the trip begins.

Q: How long will this trip take you?
A: I expect to take approx 2.5 months. However, if it takes longer thats fine too, as long as I'm done before winter strikes again.

Q: Where will you be sleeping during your trip?
A: I'll be staying in motels and hotels. I will need to do some work at nights so I'll need a phone line in order to connect my laptop to the Internet.